Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Hunt for USA Grown and Packaged Frozen Veggies

To my surprise this is going to be quite difficult, and will get worse as time goes by.
I started reading a wal mart brand compared to a similiar familiar name brand product-and I believe wal mart is switching over to Mexican foods, as I checked several items and that is my new conclusion.
Today Sandy and I visited some other grocery stores. One is in the same town where we go to our two favorite resale shops-that one the meat is so so-you just have to look it over well. However, not one package of frozen veggies was from the USA. This is Kroger store, so all their store brand veggies was definately from Mexico, and alot of the green giant and birdseys was also china or mexico.
The next store was pretty far away, probably about 45 mintues from home. It has a very large area of natural foods, but I was dissappointed in the higher prices, and the cascadian farms frozen organic veggies to my dissappointment-some were from china-which was quite a surprise to me. I had just gone on their online site yesterday, and from what I read there was expecting all to be from their farm. The few packages they did have from the usa were corn and green beans in very small packages for a very high price.
So on to the regular frozen veggie cooler. Same thing just about every brand was mostly from Mexico. I did find a few packages of usa which I bought, but I could not find any broccoli that was not from china or mexcio.
I was very dissappointed. we wandered over to the produce dept., but I think because of the very hot summer this year, most of the veggies were high price and not quality. But I did find packages of Dole fresh broccoli tops, and cauliflower there were from the usa. Some were on sale, so I bought four packages of those and will blanch and freeze tonight.
So this is an eye opener folks, our food supply is coming from Mexico and China-so why is that?? and do most even bother to read the labels.
I also need to find out the name of a bill that is getting ready to be voted on in the senate soon. I heard about this several months back and figured it had died. but when we were talking to the organic meat guy at the market last saturday he said if this bill passes it will outlaw farmers markets, and also outlaw family gardens. This is too unreal to even believe, but since most are not aware of it, may pass. So I need to find out about this, and contact my senator.
I am off to put up these veggies, and can my plum sauce-later


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