Saturday, August 21, 2010

Food Shopping This Morning-and a Gripe

Sandy and I went food shopping this morning. We checked out the Farmers Market and really not alot available this time but I was able to bring home some beautiful young zucchini and yellow tomatoes. The organic meat vendor was out of the cuts that Sandy wanted, but we were able to pick up some really meaty beef soup bones-those are never available in the stores any more. So I was happy with that find.

I was almost totally out of frozen veggies, except for the green beans and sweet corn I put up. I hardly ever purchased store bought frozen veggies before I moved down here to Missouri. I was always able to either grow my own, or buy from a local farmer.

Remembering the news story I had seen about most of the organic frozen veggies from places like Whole Foods were from China or Mexico, I thought I better check the labels. I read labels on everything I buy now, cause I don't want my food coming from China or other far away places-when we have farmers right here in the states. Frozen veggies is something I have not been in the habbit of checking.

I had filled a bag full when I decided to read the labels-would you believe every single bag was either from China or Mexico?? I was very upset about this. I put every bag back, and then checked those more expensive brands like Birds Eye-every single bag in the store was from Mexico or China. A lady looked at me like-what are you doing? I said these are from Mexico, I don't want them.

Look at all the fuel that it took to bring this over from another country, and then distribute all over the states-ridiculous I say. and you know that along the way, it got thawed out and refrozen, how could it not?

I went to the produce aisle and for this week I only bought organic that said it was produced here in the states. This is appaling to me. Next time we go to a larger city, I will be bringing my cooler with ice and checking to see if I can even find frozen veggies that were grown here in America.

That's my gripe today-lol


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