Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finishing Up With The Salsa Canning This Morning

Yesterday I was having one of those days-ya know when you are too tired for a nap and sleep, are a little cranky, and just can't "handle" anything? lol

I had gotton myself over tired from a full day saturday, and a very long canning day on sunday. I had forgotton how long it takes to hand chop up salsa ingredients, the tomatoes here cause of the extreme weather conditions, are either a bit under ripe so not full flavor and colorful, or if you wait til they ripen they start to spoil. sooo aggravating. It took me about 4 hours to chop everything, wasnt happy with the tomatoes at all, started to prepare it and the water bath canner-and decided to just turn off everything and do it today.

I also needed to adjust the flavorings-so that's what I am doing today. My knee is worse now with the shot I had on friday, all swollen and my leg is tingly-I think with the heat and standing and walking all day since the shot-was not good. So I think when I get this canned will throw an ice pack on-and read or create something today.

I need to work on my frame of mind as well-I have just had it with these extreme hot temps-we've got 100s everyday this week- everything here is just all burnt up. Oh well I guess at least it's not an ice storm, or shoveling snow at the moment-lol

catch ya all later


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