Friday, August 13, 2010

A Cool Down in the Forecast-Finally

Another 100 degree day plus the high heat index today and tomorrow, and then they are saying Sunday brings in a "cold front" and the rest of the next week looks like some rain and high 80s. That will definately be some welcomed weather here.

Yesterday, I listed alot of my rust dye pieces on my etsy shop. I made these last year, fun to do, and they make a great base for art quilt projects, card making and more. I have not done any of my dye projects this summer, cause of the extreme conditions here. The other day my neighbor friend went thru her scrapbooking stash and gave me lots of papers and some stickers too for my MaryJane mailart swap. I am enjoying mixing papers and fabric together in my cards.

Did any of you get up after midnight and watch the sky?? I was going to do that, cause sometimes I wake up around 2 am-but last night I slept all the way thru. I needed to start taking some allergy medicine again in the evenings-so that is probably why I slept good. I think we had alot of cloud cover here too, so that would not make for good viewing. We have another chance to view the sky tonight.

I am off to water my few plants that are left, and perhaps work on my rock shower. I did alot of laundry and domestic stuff yesterday too, so never got to that.

This weekend I need to get some of the dust out of the house, cause one of Larry's cousins is coming for a visit. They are about the same age, and had alot of fun as kids growing up. His cousin took some time off to jump on his motorcycle and go from his home in Kentucky to Colorado, and is catching us on the way back home. It will be a nice visit for the two of them. and being cooler next week will be a plus.

Any plans for your weekend yet? Happy Friday


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