Friday, August 27, 2010

Back from Wild Plum Picking

It's been a busy and working morning already. My new routine since it has finally cooled down here in the mornings, is take Nikita for our walk first thing, and then work in the new food plot picking up rocks and sticks so we can get it ready to til and plant. We are running out of time before the fall rains to be able to get this done, but now that it's cooler I am devoting an hour andn a half each morning to this project.
After we worked doing that, we went to our friend that gave us his pie cherries, to pick wild plums. He has a beautiful piece of property. The plums lined a long row by a spring time creek, and that bordered a small hay field. Just beautiful. While picking we also spotted a persimmon tree so need to ask him about that. We ended up with a 5 gallon pail of them, took a couple hours to pick.
Larry said these plums would be small but I was not expecting them to be this small-lol Everyone around here remembers when their moms and grandmas made wild plum jelly, so I am not into jelly really, more jams, so I am going to search for some recipe ideas and make some jam-probably more like plum butter, and also make a batch of plum brandy too.
Early next week we will be picking the pears, and then we still need to check on the apples-which I really would like alot of.
So I am off to tackle plums for the rest of the day.
What are you all up to today??
Happy Friday


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