Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Beautiful Morning here in the Ozarks

Just took Nikita for our walk; cool, crisp, sunny, ahhh delightful

Hubby got a chance to go fishing for more striper bass early this morning-hope he has a good day, so we can get some fish in the freezer. I would love that. and I also love that he is doing something he enjoys instead of working so hard. He works long hours every day-he turns 65 this October, and I just want him to enjoy some of his days now.

I think when he gets home, we will be doing some work in the food plot-the hot summer has kept us from accomplishing anything outdoors. I also am going to reset up my sun dye project too.

I also just remembered, that I have a couple buckets-fermenting black walnut dye since last year. These don't even need a mordant-So I just may throw some cotton in there and see what develops

The two little blue pieces are awesome. the green is ok-these do lose alot of their brightness of colors especially after I wash them, but I think the green will be ok. however, I messed around with my orange one too much, trying to get a stencil to work-and I should have just left it alone-so I am going to play with that piece this morning.

Happy Hump Day!


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