Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wild Missouri Plum Sauce Out of the Canner

I added some more of my vanilla extract into the sauce, and a little bit of my organic vanilla sugar-and yummy!-Thanks Sea, the vanilla mellowed it out nice.
I have 8 1/2 pint wide mouths in the canner and maybe another 2 or 3 more jars that can be processed. Really happy with it, I had my doubts about it-lol. I love the new jars and they were cheaper than the other cute 1/2 pints I picked up. These were 12 to the box and were wide mouth 1/2 pints and these will stack, where as the others don't so well.
I found Desperately Seeking Susan movie on tv-I love that movie-later

The Hunt for USA Grown and Packaged Frozen Veggies

To my surprise this is going to be quite difficult, and will get worse as time goes by.
I started reading a wal mart brand compared to a similiar familiar name brand product-and I believe wal mart is switching over to Mexican foods, as I checked several items and that is my new conclusion.
Today Sandy and I visited some other grocery stores. One is in the same town where we go to our two favorite resale shops-that one the meat is so so-you just have to look it over well. However, not one package of frozen veggies was from the USA. This is Kroger store, so all their store brand veggies was definately from Mexico, and alot of the green giant and birdseys was also china or mexico.
The next store was pretty far away, probably about 45 mintues from home. It has a very large area of natural foods, but I was dissappointed in the higher prices, and the cascadian farms frozen organic veggies to my dissappointment-some were from china-which was quite a surprise to me. I had just gone on their online site yesterday, and from what I read there was expecting all to be from their farm. The few packages they did have from the usa were corn and green beans in very small packages for a very high price.
So on to the regular frozen veggie cooler. Same thing just about every brand was mostly from Mexico. I did find a few packages of usa which I bought, but I could not find any broccoli that was not from china or mexcio.
I was very dissappointed. we wandered over to the produce dept., but I think because of the very hot summer this year, most of the veggies were high price and not quality. But I did find packages of Dole fresh broccoli tops, and cauliflower there were from the usa. Some were on sale, so I bought four packages of those and will blanch and freeze tonight.
So this is an eye opener folks, our food supply is coming from Mexico and China-so why is that?? and do most even bother to read the labels.
I also need to find out the name of a bill that is getting ready to be voted on in the senate soon. I heard about this several months back and figured it had died. but when we were talking to the organic meat guy at the market last saturday he said if this bill passes it will outlaw farmers markets, and also outlaw family gardens. This is too unreal to even believe, but since most are not aware of it, may pass. So I need to find out about this, and contact my senator.
I am off to put up these veggies, and can my plum sauce-later

Monday, August 30, 2010

For Tuesday Dark Chocolate Pudding

Dark Chocolate Pudding Recipe
  • 3 large egg yolks, beaten lightly I would use cage free organic eggs
  • 3 cups non-fat milk
  • 2/3 cup granulated white sugar I would use organic sugar and stevia
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch
  • 3 Tbsp. unsweetened dark cocoa (such as Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa)
  • 1/8 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
  • 2 oz. dark chocolate chips (such as Ghirardelli 60% cacao dark chocolate chips)
  1. Crack egg yolks into a medium bowl and beat lightly. Set aside.
  2. In a heavy saucepan, heat milk over medium-high heat to 180 degrees or until tiny bubbles form around the edges. Immediately remove from heat. Strain milk through a sieve into a large mixing bowl. Discard any solids. Pour the milk back into the saucepan and add the sugar, cornstarch, dark cocoa powder and salt. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly to ensure a smooth texture.
  3. When the chocolate mixture thickens, remove it from the heat and take about a cup of it and whisk it into the egg yolks slowly to make sure the yolks don't cook. Pour the egg yolk and chocolate mixture back into the saucepan with the rest of the chocolate mixture. Return it to the stove and bring to a boil over medium heat, whisking constantly. When the pudding becomes thick, remove it from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract and dark chocolate chips.
  4. Serve immediately or transfer the pudding to a storage container or glass bowl. Cover with plastic wrap, pressing all the way down onto the pudding so there are no air bubbles. This will prevent a skin from forming on the pudding. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

from here
chocolate pudding
photo and recipe here for pudding made with silken tofu

Ohhhh My Aching Back

Yesterday was a long day, working up the wild plums to a sauce and working on the food plot in the morning. I was hoping I would not be so stiff and sore, but this morning I was really sore.
Larry was out at light, but I couldn't get going til about 7:30am this morning, so was out in the food plot by 8am. However once I got working, I ended up being out their for 3 hours picking up big rocks, and throwing sticks in the trailor to get dumped. That was a little too long for me for sure, but it was cloudy and overcast and not too warm yet, til the last half hour. My back is still burning, so I need to get myself on the heating pad once I get off here.
I am just now getting to my plum sauce-I put it on the stove to cook down more. I think I am going to can this as a sauce-cause will be wonderful over belgian waffles, or even ice cream, yogurt, cakes-I think there are alot of uses for it.
I am still not getting the tartness out of it yet though, the recipes all call for more sugar than fruit which I don't want to do-I only put in a couple cups of organic sugar, about 1/2 cup of honey, and have just added some stevia. Still a bit too tart for me-I am thinking perhaps a little almond or vanilla extract, maybe a little cinnamon would bring up the flavor-but I can add that to the jar before I use it. Sometimes cinnamon will get too bitter after canned. Other than that, it has fantastic flavor and I love the red color.
I think tomorrow Sandy and I will be heading towards the Lake, (Lake in the Ozarks) and dropping off our boxes at the resale shop, and then afterwards heading up to the next town in search of frozen veggies produced here in the usa. I am thinking that this store we are going to will have a good selection of cascadian farms so if not too expensive want to check them out.
We may get some much needed rain this week, most of the time it passes us by, so will see what develops.
Oh and if you didn't catch my note from the weekend, is anyone wanting to join us in trading homemade autumn cards? Sign up ends Sept 1st. so far only 4 of us.
Have an awesome new week!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wild Plums

The brandy is getting a beautiful color already, I have 5 of these plates of seeds, and first batch of plums going thru the collander, another big pot on the stove.

top photo is finished product before cooking down, next photo is the second batch on the stove, then the brandy-love the color

recipes for my brandy      for this one I pretty much followed the apple brandy recipe but I left out the cinnamon sticks. I tripled the amount of fruit-to get lots of flavor-cooked til just soft, so I get the pits out, then followed the recipe-with vodka and wine.

Art Sunday--Hummingbirds in Art

I love hummingbirds, and they are migrating now, we just have a handful left at the feeders now.
Here is a link that will take you to many photo galleries of hummingbirds
Chilean Glory Vine IMGP5698.jpg Lonicera Sempervirens Blanche Sandman alot of gorgeous photography over there

I just found a painter I really love, Martin Johnson Heade
a link here http://www.huntermuseum.org/learn/connect/essays/21/
I love this painting

More of his gorgeous paintings here

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Doings Today and I found Gluten Free Bisquick!

I love these cooler mornings we are having this week, I slept in a bit this morning, cause I was really stiff and sore from my long day yesterday, but I did get Nikita taken for our walk, and I did work in the food plot for an hour.
I met my friend Sandy and we went food shopping most of the day. The market didn't have anything, just baked goods which I don't buy-not the right ingredients for us, and no nice veggies or fruit. We did talk with the organic meat guy-and I may buy meat to can-stew meat all grass fed for 3.00 a pound.
One store I got lots of chicken livers for Larrys fishing bait, and  my nicest find was gluten free Bisquick!!
I grew up with Bisquick, especially on all of our family camping trips cause Mom would use it in so many ways. However, when I moved away and started reading labels-I could not believe the amount of salt, and of course the white flour which I don't use any more. I think they have a healthier version of it now too
. But in the gluten free section in Wal mart-which is acutally a very nice addition to the store for me, I saw Gluten Free Bisquick, and the ingredients are good, although it does have sugar and salt in it. Here is a link http://www.bettycrocker.com/products/bisquick/glutenfree.aspx and they have a nice newsletter too, that I signed up for. So thank yous go to Betty Crocker! lol
Here is their recipe for chicken and dumplings (the dumplings being gf)
So I guess there is a big need for gluten free products now. When I first learned about my celiac problem years ago-it was very difficult to learn how to cook this way-so much more information and products available now. It's gotta be 15 years or more for me now, probably closer to 20 years.
Another new item we found was from the Gluten Free Pantry-their Pizza and french bread mix. and found them on Amazon too-I need to start searching Amazon gluten free products cause sometimes they have certain items that quality for free shipping plus being marked down a bit too. Thanks again to Endlessi for telling me about this, I had no idea before that they sold groceriesIngredients for the french bread mix
White Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Corn Starch, Guar Gum, Granulated Honey, Salt, A packet of yeast.
So I am anxious now to try these new products. I have very cool hand throw pottery french bread pan-now I can use it again-yeh!
I was also happy to get a couple 50 pound bags of cracked corn for the deer. I don't like them in my yard close to the house, but they come up anyways and eat the bird seed at night, so if I feed them corn back by the woods line sometimes they don't come up to the house as often. They do know exactly when deer season is though, so once that starts we won't see them again til after that is over.
Tomorrow I will be working up the rest of the wild plums, into a jam or butter. Our friend dropped off about 3/4 bushal of those sweet little pears. Will make up a pear brandy with them, and then next week we are to go picking for the larger pears-so I will be busy again working up some fruits.
I also need to make up my 5 gallon pail of Laundry soap-I only enough left for a few more loads. This is my second year and it still works out to last us for 6 months and I do alot of laundry. So I need to fit that in this week sometime.
I am ready for some football! Any football fans outthere? Larry does not like football, just me-so I watch my games-when then televise them on the big tv-lol, I need to find out whent the first viking and the packer games are. As my readers already know, I have been a Green Bay Packer fan since '67, but I am a huge Brett Favre fan-so I watch him when ever he plays. This is his 20th year, so I would think for sure he will retire end of this season.
Night all.

Friday, August 27, 2010


stop by here for a wonderful giveaway-handmade

Wild Plum Recipes-(Sea plum honey too)

Wild Plum Recipes

Blossoms: late April to mid May
Ripens: September

The wild plum is round to oval in shape, slightly larger than a marble, and orange-red when ripe.

Wild Plum Upside-down Pudding Cake

2 1/2 cups flour
1 cup sugar
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup milk
1/4 cup shortening

Combine the dry ingredients, then mix in the milk and shortening. Spread in 9" x 13" baking pan.
Drain (save juice) and pit 2 quarts of canned wild plums. Sprinkle plums on top of batter.
4 cups juice (add hot water to get total)
1 1/2 cups sugar
red food coloring (optional)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
4 tablespoons margarine

Bring sauce to a boil and pour over plums. Pour plum sauce over the batter in a 9" x 13" baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Sauce will be on the bottom and cake on top when done. Let cool and either serve from pan or place on plate upside down with sauce on top.

Plum Honey

8 cups plum juice (from peelings)
4 cups sugar

Sterilize canning jars. Measure juice, bring to boil. When it boils vigorously, add sugar. Boil rapidly until it reaches the consistency of honey. Pour into hot jars, leaving 1/4 space at the top of the jar. Wipe jar rims and adjust lids. Process 10 minutes in a boiling water bath.

Spiced Plums

4 quarts plums
6 cups sugar
1 cup distilled white vinegar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground allspice
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

Wash and drain plums. Prick each plum with a fork to prevent the skins from bursting. Place plums in a large crock. Combine sugar, vinegar, and spices; boil 5 minutes. Pour syrup over plums and let stand 24 hours. Drain and reheat syrup, and pour over plums again the second day. Let stand 24 hours.
The third day, drain and set aside syrup, pack the plums into hot jars, leaving 1/2-inch head space. Fill jar to 1/2 inch of top with boiling hot syrup. Remove air bubbles. Wipe jar rims. Adjust lids. Process 15 minutes in a boiling water bath at 5,000 feet.

Wild Plum Preserves

5 cups pitted, tart plums (about 2 1/2 pounds)
4 cups sugar
1 cup water

Sterilize canning jars. Combine all ingredients. Bring slowly to boiling, stirring until sugar dissolves. Cook rapidly almost to the jellying point, about 15 minutes, stirring frequently to prevent sticking. Pour hot preserves into hot jars, leaving 1/4 inch head space. Wipe jar rims and adjust lids. Process 10 minutes in a boiling water bath at 5,000 feet.

Wild Plum Fruit Rolls (Leather)

4 cups wild plum puree
1 package MCP pectin
1 cup sugar

Use fully ripe or slightly overripe plums. Wash and cut away any bruised or spoiled portions. Pit. Puree plums in blender or food processor. Stir the MCP pectin into puree. Mix well. Add sugar and stir until dissolved.
Coat cookie sheet or dehydrator shelf with vegetable oil. Spread 1 cup puree in border. Smooth puree with rubber spatula or tilt cookie sheet to evenly spread puree. Refrigerate unused puree.
For conventional oven:
Set temperature control at lowest setting or 150 degrees F. Two cookie sheets may be placed in the oven at the same time. Rotate trays after 3 hours. Drying will take up to 18 hours.
For dehydrator:
Set temperature control at 140 degrees F. and dry for 6-8 hours.
For sun-drying:
One to two days. Test for dryness by touching center of leather; no indentation should be evident.
Remove rolls from tray while still warm and either roll each one in one piece or cut them into 4- to 6-inch squares. Roll in plastic wrap after cooled. Rolls may be stored up to 1 month without refrigeration. For longer storage, place in freezer up to 1 year.

these recipes come from this really cool site I just ran into-lots of wild fruits and recipes http://www.kiowacd.org/Tips_Links/recipes.htm

Back from Wild Plum Picking

It's been a busy and working morning already. My new routine since it has finally cooled down here in the mornings, is take Nikita for our walk first thing, and then work in the new food plot picking up rocks and sticks so we can get it ready to til and plant. We are running out of time before the fall rains to be able to get this done, but now that it's cooler I am devoting an hour andn a half each morning to this project.
After we worked doing that, we went to our friend that gave us his pie cherries, to pick wild plums. He has a beautiful piece of property. The plums lined a long row by a spring time creek, and that bordered a small hay field. Just beautiful. While picking we also spotted a persimmon tree so need to ask him about that. We ended up with a 5 gallon pail of them, took a couple hours to pick.
Larry said these plums would be small but I was not expecting them to be this small-lol Everyone around here remembers when their moms and grandmas made wild plum jelly, so I am not into jelly really, more jams, so I am going to search for some recipe ideas and make some jam-probably more like plum butter, and also make a batch of plum brandy too.
Early next week we will be picking the pears, and then we still need to check on the apples-which I really would like alot of.
So I am off to tackle plums for the rest of the day.
What are you all up to today??
Happy Friday

Seafood Cucumber Stacks with Lemon Cream and Chives from Whole Foods Market

Makes 2 dozen

These refreshing hors d’oeuvres are equally delicious made with salmon, trout, shrimp or crab, so pick a seafood that’s best for your budget. For vegetarians, a slice of baked tofu is a perfect substitute for the seafood.


1/2 cup light sour cream

1 bunch chives, finely chopped, divided

Zest and 1 tablespoon juice from 1 lemon

Salt and ground black pepper to taste

1 (4-ounce) package Whole Catch™ Smoked Salmon OR 4 ounces smoked trout OR 8 ounces crab meat OR

12 medium peeled, deveined and halved cooked shrimp

1 seedless cucumber, cut into 24 slices
In a small bowl, combine sour cream, half of the chives, lemon zest and juice, salt and pepper. If using salmon or trout, cut into 24 bite-sized pieces. Arrange a piece of seafood on each cucumber slice then top with a dollop of sour cream mixture and garnish with remaining chives.

from here

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just a FYI

I mostly post on my main blog over on Multiply and then cross post to here and a few things to facebook.
On our Soap Making Day, I will copy links from those of us participating from Multiply and Blogger-on both blogs-so we can all see what kind of soap we are making.
Add your blog link to either Multiply or Blogger that day in comments and I will make sure all have links to each other-hope that made sense-lol

Nice White Catfish for the Freezer

Larry brought this home, plus about 4 smaller cats-I suggested we put the little guys in the pond to grow up-lol

Our Soap Making Day--October 8th

I put the date in the calender the other day, and then I remembered reading alot of you don't use the calender, so will post here.

Friday October 8th will be our online Soap Making Event

There are really no instructions here or list of supplies perse, cause some of you may be making "real soap" with the lye and fat method, and some of us will be purchasing melt and pour soap bases, or melt and pour glycerin bases and using as is or adding oils, colors, clays, herbs and such.

and some of you may enjoy making sugar scurbs, or herb bags and salts for the bath.

some of you that crochet or knit, could even join us and make bath cloths, or if you weave-towels, I am thinking bath or shower related-lol

If you have not followed any of my soap posts here is a link so far to my tag soap making http://kathyinozarks.multiply.com/tag/soap%20making I posted alot of links and information that I found so far online.

If any of you have found sources and wish to share, please add here or in the calender in comments. I live rural-in the woods-I have no stores nearby for fun supplies like this, so I shop online mostly, but if any of you learn about chain stores that might carry supplies please share.

See ya all on Soap Day

Thought Bubble Quiz

Your Thoughts Are Creative
When it comes to thinking, you definitely like to "color outside the lines" a little.
You're not totally wacky, but you do put your own interesting spin on the world.

For you, every contrast is a little bit deeper and every idea is a little more profound.
Amazing things can come from your thoughts. You've got a lot of original ideas in there.

Just a few Photos After Ironing Pieces This Morning

I will have to tell you, now that the fabric has dried and after ironing-I love them! I hadn't even thought of it til now; those curtain pieces I tore up-still have the hems in them-I can use those as the top of the little bags and put a string or something thru to tie-now who would ever thought that out ahead of time-lol- not me

Herbs Herbal Baths

from here http://www.flickr.com/photos/herbfriend/

Three simple base recipes for making an herbal bath here

How to make herbal bath bags

from Care 2

Herbal bath tea recipes

a blog post with recipes

bath salts

When we get our bathroom completed, so we have my rock shower to use, and the claw foot tub set up only for baths-I will be making some of these wonderful bath recipes.

If you do a search in google for recipes for herbal baths, or bath salts, there are pages of sites to choose from, and give you lots of ideas.

I thought these would be fun to make too during our soap making day, October 8th, if you would rather make something like this instead of bar soap.

from the Herb Companion

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Slideshow of my Sun Painting Project

All of these pieces need to be ironed well-to help set the paints, then washed in special soap to make colorfast-and then I will show you the finished products-this really is fun, most of these pieces are recycled muslin leftovers, or cotton curtains torn into pieces, or a shirt torn into pieces, some have stencils on top, or a little rock salt, some I crumpled for different effects.Fun!!

Pear Nectar

Have any you made your own pear nectar, or perhaps run pears thru a juicer?

We are going to be getting at least a bushel of wild pears. they are smaller than bartlets, really not that buggy, but would need to be cored and peeled-but are they ever sweet tasting. Larry brought home a small bag for us to sample and see if we want more.-Yes I will take more-lol

I already have plenty canned in pints as fruit-from last year, but since they are so sweet was thinking of canning up some pear juice or nectar.

Any thoughts-

Another Beautiful Morning here in the Ozarks

Just took Nikita for our walk; cool, crisp, sunny, ahhh delightful

Hubby got a chance to go fishing for more striper bass early this morning-hope he has a good day, so we can get some fish in the freezer. I would love that. and I also love that he is doing something he enjoys instead of working so hard. He works long hours every day-he turns 65 this October, and I just want him to enjoy some of his days now.

I think when he gets home, we will be doing some work in the food plot-the hot summer has kept us from accomplishing anything outdoors. I also am going to reset up my sun dye project too.

I also just remembered, that I have a couple buckets-fermenting black walnut dye since last year. These don't even need a mordant-So I just may throw some cotton in there and see what develops

The two little blue pieces are awesome. the green is ok-these do lose alot of their brightness of colors especially after I wash them, but I think the green will be ok. however, I messed around with my orange one too much, trying to get a stencil to work-and I should have just left it alone-so I am going to play with that piece this morning.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sun Painting

Murphys Law-lol-Of course after I got myself all set up, painted my first piece of muslin-the sun when under the clouds and stayed there.

I still had fun, and that was the whole point, and if I am lucky enough to get some nice pieces to sew with, that will be a plus.

Since the sun was not out and hot, my stencils did not work so good, so I mixed up paints and kinda played around-painting around the stencil-so we will see what happens when they dry. almost looks like it could rain here too, and we were not suppose to have any rain for awhile.

I forgot all about this stencils last year when Sandy and I did this for the first time. I made these stencils for a quilt project I was doing-those raggy quilts. Instead of just sewing a big X in the squares like they tell you to do, I made these stencils drew around them on the squares and sewed on the line-cool! lol

The cool down here is fabulous though, a hint of fall in the air-I just loved it. Those weeks on end of 100s was just too much.

Here is a few photos of the process. These are Pebeco translucent paints from France-we found them at the resale shop last year, and I still had some paint left over.

Once these dry, I also sprinkled salt on them, I brush that off, and then iron real well. Next day I will wash again in synthropal to remove all the excess dye. and they will be ready to quilt and sew with.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Auction For Free Stuff

Auctions for free stuff at Listia.com Does anyone belong to this? I just got invited to it, so will check it out later.

My humingbird feeder-hand thrown pottery we found last year

I love this feeder too, especially since it is handmade by a potterer. to see my new feeder we just bought check previous post

My New Humingbird Feeder-hand thrown pottery

My Sunday

It started out as a cloudy cool morning, so we went over to one neighbor to pick some apples. I picked the largest ones and the least buggy, and we got a bucket and a half. These are yellow delicous apples-which I never would have guessed cause they are not yellow-lol-The owner does not spray these-but to me apples are apples-especially free for the picking. I will mix these apples with another neighbors apples for flavor-and make up some pies, sauce, and canned apple slices, if I get enough.

We stopped by another friend, Larrys new fishing partner, and my herbs teacher, and had coffee over there. We were all invited to a picnic today early afternoon, so I wanted to get home and make a cake.

I think we won't end up going, cause Larry is not feeling well, and we should have left already-but since he is sleeping I am not going to wake him up.

But, I wanted to have a cake to take in case we did end up going. I made up one of Bob's Red Mill's gluten free chocolate cakes which is really a delicious cake, and most can not tell the difference. I never frost my cakes any more cause of the butter and sugar-but I decided to make up a frosting today.

I went by the recipe on the special dark hersheys cocoa container, but only used half the butter and half the sugar, and a little extra cocoa. I used a couple packets of stevia in the raw to bring up the sweet taste, and I put a little too much of my homemade vanilla extract in-but it turned out very good-and has a "bite" to it. So I am happy with the results. I should have waited til the cake was a little cooler-but I never can wait-lol

I also wanted to make up a big batch of homemade yogurt. I am getting upset with the light yogurts available cause I think they are still too high in sugar, or they use an artificial sugar I am not happy with-so these yogurt makers in the photo, we have owned since the 70s. Mine is the little salton, and Larry had the big jar salton when we got together. another usa product that was made to work and last many years.

Also catching up on the laundry. Sunday always seems to be my catch up day for some reason. I think it comes from my working days. I either worked Sundays for the overtime pay, or when I was off I did all my domestic stuff-so it just seems to still turn out that way.

I picked up a very cool humingbird feeder the other day at the resale shop. It was handmade pottery and I just love-I need to take a photo. When I bought it no one knew what it was-they thought it was something old. I picked it up for $5.00-the humingbirds love it too. and speaking of humingbirds-we have alot visiting our feeders all summer, I think because there are not alot of flowers around do to the hot summer, but now they are getting ready for their migration. I have a dozen or more almost all the time thru out the day now. I went thru 10 pounds of sugar in 2 weeks-thats alot of fills-lol I refill every day now. I just love them-they are so fun to watch.

How was your Sunday-sorry Nemo, I did not get to an art sunday post today

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I wanted to share a recipe tip I discovered tonight. Before supper I turned on the new food channel to see if there was anything on, The Cooking Channel; when they first went on air-all the shows were very old reruns from Food Network. So, I haven't paid much attention to the channel.

I caught a new show by Emeril, at least new to me, called Fresh Food Fast. I really love his new green and organic food shows-they are very fun and healthy not like his shows that made him famous. lol

Here is a link to this new show. One of the dishes he was making with his catfish dish was Orange, currant, Pinenut, Quinoa This recipe looked really good, but the reason he put the orange in there is he said it brought out the flavor of the quinoa more, and made it sweeter. I was planning on making my red quinoa for a side dish tonight, I had one juice orange left, so I squeezed the whole orange in their, added a little chives and let it cook down. Wow! this was so delicious, that I am going to remember to add the orange juice in from now on. Sometimes I think quinoa can give off a bit of a bitter taste even after rinsing it well before cooking, and the orange just took that all away.

Food Shopping This Morning-and a Gripe

Sandy and I went food shopping this morning. We checked out the Farmers Market and really not alot available this time but I was able to bring home some beautiful young zucchini and yellow tomatoes. The organic meat vendor was out of the cuts that Sandy wanted, but we were able to pick up some really meaty beef soup bones-those are never available in the stores any more. So I was happy with that find.

I was almost totally out of frozen veggies, except for the green beans and sweet corn I put up. I hardly ever purchased store bought frozen veggies before I moved down here to Missouri. I was always able to either grow my own, or buy from a local farmer.

Remembering the news story I had seen about most of the organic frozen veggies from places like Whole Foods were from China or Mexico, I thought I better check the labels. I read labels on everything I buy now, cause I don't want my food coming from China or other far away places-when we have farmers right here in the states. Frozen veggies is something I have not been in the habbit of checking.

I had filled a bag full when I decided to read the labels-would you believe every single bag was either from China or Mexico?? I was very upset about this. I put every bag back, and then checked those more expensive brands like Birds Eye-every single bag in the store was from Mexico or China. A lady looked at me like-what are you doing? I said these are from Mexico, I don't want them.

Look at all the fuel that it took to bring this over from another country, and then distribute all over the states-ridiculous I say. and you know that along the way, it got thawed out and refrozen, how could it not?

I went to the produce aisle and for this week I only bought organic that said it was produced here in the states. This is appaling to me. Next time we go to a larger city, I will be bringing my cooler with ice and checking to see if I can even find frozen veggies that were grown here in America.

That's my gripe today-lol

Friday, August 20, 2010

Gluten Free Cornmeal Cake-from Whole Foods

Serves 8

A cornmeal cake makes a delightful gluten-free dessert. Ricotta cheese and almonds add richness, and orange juice and zest add bright citrus flavors. Serve with a simple topping of seasonal fruit and cr�me fra�che lightly sweetened with brown sugar.


1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened
3/4 cup sugar
2 large eggs
1/2 cup full fat ricotta cheese, preferably hand-dipped
1 cup ground almonds or almond meal/flour
2 teaspoons gluten-free vanilla extract
1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
Zest of 1 orange
1 cup yellow cornmeal
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon sea salt


Preheat oven to 375�F. Lightly oil or butter a 9-inch spring-form baking pan. In a large bowl, beat butter until light and creamy. Add sugar and beat until fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each addition. Mix in ricotta, almonds, vanilla, orange juice and zest. Mix cornmeal with baking powder and salt, and fold into batter.

Pour into prepared pan and bake 35 to 40 minutes or until set and firm. Remove from oven and allow the cake to cool. Cut into wedges and serve.

I thought this was a really neat recipe for gluten free, for me thought I would need to cut the sugar in half

Pizza Potatoes from Whole Foods

Serves 4

Serves these hearty potatoes with a spinach salad on the side for a complete meal.


4 medium russet, red or yellow potatoes
1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil, divided
1 zucchini, sliced
1 yellow summer squash, sliced
1/2 pound sliced mushrooms
1 small yellow onion, sliced
Salt and pepper to taste
1 cup marinara sauce
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella


Preheat oven to 400�F. Prick potatoes all over with a fork, brush with 1/2 tablespoon of the oil and arrange on a small baking sheet. Bake until tender, 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

When the potatoes are almost tender, heat remaining 1 tablespoon oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Add zucchini, squash, mushrooms, onions, salt and pepper and cook, stirring occasionally, until just tender and golden brown, 6 to 8 minutes.

Preheat broiler. Split open potatoes, transfer to a baking dish and top with zucchini mixture. Pour marinara over potatoes then top with mozzarella. Broil until cheese is melted and bubbly, 2 to 3 minutes, then transfer to plates and serve.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Applique Project

I bought this pattern on sale couple years ago now. When I first started doing my rust dyes, I thought that fabric would make neat mountains. So I brought out some of the rust dyes, and these other pieces were my very first hand dyes. I loved them so much I didnt want to cut them-but I think they would work beautifully in this piece.

What do ya think?

the bottom green is for the grass, rust dye for lighter mountains, the brown for the mountains in the back, and the blues for sky-which might be too dark.

I need to audition fabric for the bears and huckleberries, and make sure these fabrics are not too bright. I have batiks I can go thru too.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kathy's Watermelon Jam

I started out checking my friend Ebjo's recipe again, and then browsed online too. There were alot of recipes. Some said to cube the watermelon and then sprinkle with pickling salt, let set for 4-5 hours-rinse in cold water, and then soak in cold water for an hour. and then proceed. I really don't want to do all that.

Most used alot of sugar, almost as much sugar as fruit, some lemon juice and cook down til thick. Some used pectin, some did not. Soooo I decided to just do my one thing-lol

We had watermelon from a home garden, due to our hot temps here and no rain they were not prime, but the good parts had good flavor. So I cut up 8 cups of watermelon, added in about 1/4 cup organic sugar, a couple tablespoons of lemon juice, and lemon zest too.

I cooked this down for 2 hours, about midway I decided to add a big slice of candied ginger for flavor. This tastes wonderful, but the watermelon was still too hard. So I turned it off. Made supper, was going to wait til tomorrow but since I am waiting for a show on food network at 8 pm, decided to go ahead with this.

I put the watermelon in my vita mix, and the first half I liquefied, and the rest, I blended a little less so I would still have some watermelon pieces in there.

I brought it back to a boil, and added in the no sugar pectin from Ball; slowly whisking in well. bring back to a boil, while waiting for the canner to come to a boil

taste testing-yummy this is really good you guys-took out the ginger slice so don't can that up by accident-I love the flavor and very smooth and clean tasting, not too sweet.

To can, I put in 1/2 pints and got 5 jars. Process in water bath canner 10 minutes.

I would suggest if you want to make this, just sweeten as much as you want, with sugar or agave or sun crystals has a small bag out now of stevia and sugar-I forgot I had that or would have used instead of sugar. for the spices-the crystallized ginger added just a little flavor, you could add cinnamon but I did not want to use cinnamon in this or any other spice you like-but just a bit. and you should add an acid like lemon juice or lime juice, or perhaps a wine vinegar, or even a nice wine-and just do it and have fun creating with with it.

and I finished just in time for the Next Food Network Star-lol

Art Sunday Butterflies

for Trish

from here

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