Friday, July 30, 2010

Wow Is It Really Friday Already?

This week has just flown by really fast for me for some reason. Probably cause of doing different things each day.
I tried my plum sauce over a bowl of frozen yogurt last night-yummy-soooo good. I am really happy with the results. It did thicken up more just being in the refrigerator, so ended up being a really nice final product. I can see this over a chocolate cake for starters-lol
Last night I was looking for something to watch on tv, nothing-really has been nothing worth watching this summer-seems worse than usual. So I thought I would go over and see what was on Palladium channel (not sure if that is spelt right) and what had just started was a documentary done at the Woodstock concert in 1969, and had been released in 1970 Oh wow, I think I will watch a bit so I know what I missed-lol
I was in college back in 1969 and a group of my friends were going to this concert and had invited me. I remember thinking from Wisconsin to NY cramped in a vehicle with alot of people didn't sound like fun to me. I remember the talk about how wild it was there, and cause of so many people the main interstate had been closed. This 4 hour documentary I am sure has been on before-I just hadn't caught it til last night.
I was hoping to see Janis Joplin sing. I fell asleep probably around the 2 and 1/2 mark-and woke up to Joplin singing. This was a very good documentary, not just the music being great, but they did interviews, and you really got a good view of what was really going on there. I checked and it is on again today from 1 to 5pm -so gotta remember to check in and watch what I missed.
Am I really that old already?? lol Happy Friday


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