Friday, July 2, 2010

Wild Blackberries Here are Ripening

When I took my walk with Nikita this morning, we noticed the blackberries are beginning to ripen. If we get rain soon there should be lots, if no rain-then not too many as they need the rain soon.

photo from here
Nikita loves fruit so I picked her some, then she started picking and eating her own-lol-then I couldn't get her out of the berry patch-too funny.
Here are my blackberry tag links for a few recipe ideas
In the above link to my previous posts, was a recipe for making jam. It is the vintage method using lots of sugar to the fruit-cook it down-test for the gel-and then can up. Within those links I found this recipe to make with honey in both cases, for me these old jam recipes just use too much sugar-the reasoning was because back then, they did not always use pectin, and they did not process in a water bath canner, they used the high sugar to fruit ratio for preservation. I did like the looks of that one with honey, but the amount could still be cut down.
I am thinking this year of using the no sugar pectin, and just using a very small amount of organic sugar, agave, or mild honey and making up small batches of jams and see what occurs. The recommendation now is to always process in a water bath canner-never use the wax like my Mom and Grandma did, and I am thinking we can cut down on the sugars as well.
I think I will go out and see if I can pick enough for a batch of blackberry brandy, we only have one bottle left. and perhaps if there is enough berries out there a blackberry cobbler cooked over a fire in my dutch oven-yummy!


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