Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tomorrow-Plum Butter Makin

pkuI ended up with 23 pints of plums-nice addition to my canned fruit. Will take over several pints to the couple that gave me their fruit this week too.
I only canned the most perfect plums, so I ended up with a large pan full of slightly blemished plums. I have them all cut up and ready to cook down tomorrow.
I don't have all the ingredients for one of Sea's Plum Butter recipes, was thinking of making her recipe with earl grey tea, but decided on browsing the net too for ideas. I didn't want to buy anything to make this.
These are the recipes I liked: what I like about this one, is the additon of a vanilla bean the plum butter is further down the page on this one-I liked some of the ideas with this one.-suggested making a sauce to get rid of all the peels,(like when you make applesauce) or blend up well in a processor keeping the skins, and I like the idea of cooking it down thick, and then deciding how much sweetener and or spices to add in the end.
I am definately going to use a whole vanilla bean, add in some lemon juice, and then cook down til soft. I will decide tomorrow if I want to keep peels or not, and I am going with the idea of sweetening the butter after it has cooked down, so I can keep honey or sugar to a minimum. If it doesn't need much I may use the stevia in the raw packets.
keep ya posted tomorrow.


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