Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sharing my "Mailart"

Over on MaryJanesFarmgirl forum, I joined a couple of the swaps. One of them is the monthly mailart. We get assigned a different partner each month, and we just make something fun and pretty, pop it in the mail, so we get mailart instead of just bills and junk mail-lol
and the inside of card
I have never worked with paper before, I have been making cards with fabric or leathers, so I see a new craft to learn-lol This looks like fun, I don't do the scrapbooks, but this looks similiar so I will be on the lookout now for some little papers to use.
Still heat wave here, missed the storms again last night, got alot of wind and about 5 minutes of little rain is all.
I had worked on pulling weeds for about 3 hours early this morning, been lazy the rest of the day-lol Need to check my peaches tonight and see if any are ready for peach brandy.
Enjoy your weekend

My partner just uploaded my card, I forgot to take photos so glad she did. I used a little vintage fabric, reproduction vintage, sun dyed, rust dyed, lavender from my garden-just fun!


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