Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rock Shower

The first photo is after I took down alot of rocks, the second photo is what I had to undo. The big bummer of course is the time involved, and I was so happy with the faucet area cause it was level.
I am beginning to think this is a bad Karma week. I have been reading about set backs occuring in the lives of some of my friends this week too. and Larry yesterday morning had trouble with his dozer so he brought that back out of the field to work on, got on his skid steer and the engine blew up. We are poorville still, cause this economy prevented the sale of our home in Illinois-so that is a headache since one of the houses is not rented now. Money is a necessity these days-and we don't really need alot of it to live.
So is there something going on out there?
As to my rocks, I may have to take down one more row before I can begin again. I have taken photos-would you try to duplicate what you had to undo, or just start fresh with the rocks? I am thinking just starting anew


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