Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rock Shower-Redo

The last few days, I have been putting rocks back up.
In my photo album for rock shower 2010, I put a link to the blog post that has a photo of what I had to take down and of what I did around the faucet area first part of July. This large area had to be taken down due to some bad mortar.
I haven't gotton back to this due to the canning, and I also needed to re focus.
The first photo is of the faucets angled up towards the top-so you can see how much more needs to be done-should go pretty fast now, once I fill in this faucet area.
and the next photos are of the faucet area I just redid, and below it
Progress!! Yeh! Progress is always a good thing here in my world. lol


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