Thursday, July 29, 2010

Plum Butter Started Updated

Around 5:30am this morning, I put the plums on the fire, which I had all cut up and ready to go last night. I had a little bit of canning syrup left over from canning the plums, so used that for a bit of liquid on the bottom of pan. I also had split and scraped a whole vanilla bean, and thru in the bean too.
It took a couple hours to cook down and get really soft. Just finished running it all thru that cone with all the holes that sits on a stand, with a wooded piece to smash all the goodies thru the holes-do they even make these any more?? I have a very old vintage one, and I have mine I bought back in the 70s. I use this all the time for making homemade applesauce. Above photo is the strained plums on the fire again.
I tasted this, and it definately needs some sweetening, so I added 1/2 cup of honey and a about 1/4 cup of organic sugar that I have a vanilla bean in-for now-tastes really good.
I can see my grandma and mom making this on the back of the wood cook stove-as I can see this will take all morning to cook down.
Has anyone just made plum sauce? These plums have such a fantastic flavor, and they hold their color thru the cooking process-if I had lots more of these I would just make up sauce and can it.
We have discovered a couple wild plum patches, that we will be checking out when they get ripe-gotta get them before all the wildlife does. If those have a good flavor I just may do that-make sauce.
Sea how is your plum butter doing?

Around 3 pm or so, I decided plum sauce it is-lol--tastes fabulous and will be delicious over all kinds cakes, ice creams, waffles and such. It did reduce and thicken up to a really nice sauce-just didn't want to go another 6 or 8 hours reducing down to butter.
I think we will use this more as a sauce too. Ended up with 7 of those cute fat wide mouth-1/2 pint jars. Had a little left over to put in the frigerator too. Will try it over my ice cream tonight-
I didn't think of it til now, I should have taken a photo of the pot before I canned the sauce, it did reduce down about 3 inches from above pan-and the color is a deep plum-beautiful


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