Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Nice Morning Here in the Ozarks-herb jelly

A beautiful, cooler morning today. We had a nice rain come thru last night, and we have chances of more rain today too-and temps in the 80s-how nice-first real relief in the weather in over a month.
Need to enjoy this, cause hotter temps with heat indexes returning all next week again-Oh well, I keep reminding myself-this is summer after all.
A good day for me to catch up on domestic stuff, and I have been wanting to try making some herb jellies. I have never thought of doing this before, but over on my jam and jelly swap on MaryJanesFarm forum, several farmgirls are making lots of herb jellies-so I gotta try this out-lol Of course I will be experimenting with no sugar pectin. I have some lemon balm I have brewing now to use as my first herb jelly.
I found in the store the other day a new product-stevia in the raw. I love the organic sugar called sugar in the raw, and since this stevia product is only pure stevia and sugar-I bought a box. I have been using sun crystals which is also pure stevia and sugar, but this one has 5 calories and the stevia in the raw has no calories. Sooo I am thinking of using this for the sweetening in my lemon balm jelly-will keep you posted on how it comes out. I didn't want to use honey as they may change the flavor too much, and I am out of agave.
also for diabetics there is just so much written controversy over the use of agave that I don't want to use it alot.
I don't remember using herb jelly before, but I think these could be nice as a glaze over meats. Anyways if this sets up for me, I will make some chocolate mint jelly as well.
Have any of you made these? and if you do, how do you use them?
Wow! this is neat-I was searching online for a photo of lemon balm jelly and I ran into this tutorial on how to make it I won't be using all that sugar, and I won't be adding the food coloring but alot of photos here with a recipe
and this is an excellent article all about lemon balm
now here is a neat recipe from Emeril for an herb jelly that you would make and use fresh-not can-uses gelatin check bottom of article for recipe here
Enjoy your Sunday!


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