Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Blackberries

I find it very peaceful when living in a rural area, and I can be outside early in the morning and enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of my little world.
It is overcast still, humid, will be hot again, and looks like again the real rains will miss us. Early this morning, after taking my walk with Nikita, I grabbed my pail (was my grandma's aluminum one with wooden handle) and checked the blackberries once again.
This time the berries by the ponds were loaded with deer prints-I love following in their footsteps, we are all sharing these berries. Doing this also puts my mind back into earlier times-native americans, and early settlers enjoying these same simple pleasures.
I was able to pick enough to add another triple batch to the brandy pot. That brings that big bucket up to 1/3 full. So that will make up a nice amount, and since this brandy after bottled is the best when a year old, I wanted enough to sample along the way-lol
I was also able to pick two cups of large juicy blackberries. I wanted to make a small batch of some type of jam that would go well with my homemade belgian waffles, along with the pure maple syrup and frest fruits.
I thought I would follow the idea of the recipe that Sea posted a link to the other day. It was for using whole strawberries, covered with sugar and let sit for 24 hours and then make into a jam. This process keeps the berries whole. I thought I would adapt the idea with these blackberries and see what happens. In the recipe she used gelatin which I don't think I want to use and then can it, so will be experimenting with the no sugar/less sugar pectin.
In this sugar free pectin all their recipes use white grape juice as a base. So I have one mango left was thinking of using that as the base instead and then adding in these whole blackberries-so will let you know how it works out. Not sure if this will turn out pretty, or ugly with the blackberries mixed into the mango-but it should have a wonderful flavor. Another thought was to use regular grape juice as the base, as I do have that in the freezer and the colors would go well together. So now I have a choice of ideas-lol
Off to get my veggies watered, feed the birds, and wash down my rock shower wall, so I can begin anew.


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