Thursday, July 15, 2010

Long Canning Day Today

After I finished up my outdoor "chores", I checked my peaches and they were perfect for canning.
I have been wanting to try out a pie filling to can, but really haven't found a good recipe. I went thru my collected paper files, and came across one I copied several years ago. I also had found a container of a no sugar gel that I had bought at the amish store last year.
This recipe was alot of work, and I still don't know yet if it is all going to "gel" til the jars really cool down. They look pretty in the jars, and if they don't get real thick, that will be fine too, cause I can thicken up the liquid with tapioca when I use it. Thought these would be good for cobblers, or over waffles, even upside down cakes..
I won't share the recipe til I know it worked or not, I had to adjust some things like the sugar content for one, and ended up with 4 quarts instead of 6.
I am hoping we get the break in the heat wave tomorrow like the weather guys have been predicting, it is soooo hot here not even safe to be outside.
I decided I needed the exercise a bit ago and walked down the drive to check the mail-about 1/2 mile-and no mail-and I am hot now-lol
A huge thank you to my friend Zusiqu, who helped me figure out the code to put a button link to MaryJanesFarm on my right sidebar-I really do appreciate that, cause I could not figure it out-lol
I am really loving it over there on the forum, lots of friendly farmgirls there. Swaps to participate in, recipes to share-a really nice place to hang out-"over the fence" and chat.
Hubby took a nap due to the heat, and is still sleeping, so haven't really thought of whats for dinner yet- later


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