Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Little Recap on my No sugar pectin-Mint Jellies

My lemon balm jelly has set up pretty firm already, really happy about that. I spent about an hour searching the net for more mint jelly recipes. Most are the same; using lots of sugar, vinegar and lemon, or just lemon, or variations of vinegar-white wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar along with lemon or not.
I picked a big bunch, probably 2 cups, of chocolate mint. This mint is much stronger than the lemon balm. I placed in a pan and then poured 4 cups of boiling water all over, put the lid on, and let it steep for several hours. I just strained it out and it is a very dark color and you can really taste and smell the mint-that's what I wanted.
Decided to put in the frig. and will make the jelly tomorrow morning. The no pectin box uses 4 cups of liquid (or fruit for jams) so that's why I made 4 cups of the mint tea.
I am going to use the stevia in the raw again for the sweetening, and will use one lemon-it's juice and zest, no vinegar.
What do you all like to make with your mint jellies? Diana just gave me a great idea, she makes the thumbprint cookies and uses the chocolate mint jelly for the center-I love that!
I am very happy with my no sugar pectin jams and jellies this year, they are fun to make too.


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