Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Little Doings Here and Results of my Chocolate Mint Jelly

Yesterday early afternoon a big rainstorm came thru, and lasted several hours. That must have been what some of the pressure was in the air for me. We really needed the rain so am always happy when it arrives-Didn't cool us down afterwards, but that's ok, we got a a little relief from the heat. We may get more today.
I was really anxious about my jelly yesterday-kept checking it every couple of hours. This morning it still is not set up firm like jelly should be, rather it looks to me like a thickened jellied sauce-lol I don't want to open up a jar yet, will wait til I have a dessert I can use it on-and then will give you another update. I know when I tasted it before I canned it-was delicious!
Before I added the cocoa, I did a search online and could not find anything about using cocoa in a jam or jelly for canning. This may have set up better by using sugar and regular pectin-don't know. I do really love the color, so I know I will find a use for it-but would have been cool if it had set up more firm. So don't really know what the problem was for it not to set---not enough acid, didn't boil long enough-though I don't think that was it, or cocoa is a problem to jel and can. Also the no sugar pectin method is a little trickier to accomplish-but this is the first recipe that did not work this summer for me.
I think if I try this again though, cause I still will be making these with no sugar, will find some chocolate extract to bring out the chocolate, or perhaps a chocolate liqueur to steep the mint in, or as Sea suggested a good wine as the liquid base and steep the mint in there. Sounds good-don't ya think?? I know one of the farmgirls I have met for the jam and jelly swap cans alot of jellies using different wines and herbs, or different fruit juices and herbs-so your imagination is the limit.
Yesterday I didn't really feel good, I knew if I read I would just fall asleep-which I didn't want to blow the day doing, so I thought-ya know I have a quilt on the frame-I will see if I can do that for a bit.-Went great-and I quilted for several hours. I have the large goose in the middle of the quilt almost finished now-next up is to mark lines around the goose. Once the large panel in the middle is completed I can go back to the little fun quilts on the sides.
I was going to take a couple photos, but no battery-sigh.
I didn't want to take away from the embroidery of the goose, so I decided to quilt right next to the embroidery stitches; that way it will be quilted but you can't see my stitches.-Love it so far.
This morning, I am really stiff-from the quilting probably, so after my walk with Nikita, will definately try to work on some rocks.
What are you all doing this tuesday morning??
I may be back later for a post on canning chicken, I have a recipe my Mom gave me years ago from her one of her amish neighbors-is something they can alot of.


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