Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's Saturday and it's Going to be Hottttttt again-Soap making

Happy Saturday, this coming week looks to be hotter than what we have had recently, and lows at night near 80-so is definately not going to be nice out there.

My asthma has kicked in with problems too this summer, not fun. I really have not had alot of problems with it since moving here after retirement. Just getting rid of the stress with work and the long commute-and talking all day (I was a telephone operator with the phone co) has made a real difference. But the air quality, even here in the woods, just doesn't seem good with the heavy humidity and hot temps.

What are you all doing this weekend? Something fun I hope. We just really don't seem to get out much anymore, when you are on a really tight income-everything just seems too expensive to do. I love just staying at home anyways-love where I live, and always have projects in the works-crafts and house projects.

I need to be in the house anyways right now, working on getting house projects finished like my rock shower-lol---I fixed the problem with the one rock I didn't like yesterday. So glad I asked hubby's opinion first before chisseling it off the wall. I was able to just scrap off the mortar that I had placed on top of the rock-to even it out more-so looks better now. I hadn't realized he was going to fill the space around the shower piece that fits flat to the wall with silicone I think he said, to give it a tight seal so no water would get under it-cool! always good to ask about this stuff. Saved me alot of worry about chissling around the faucet.

My bbq pork chops, little potatoes, and green beans in the crock pot last night was awesome! Very good and didn't heat up the house. and I also enjoyed the Woodstock 1969 concert documentary on Paladia yesterday afternoon. If you get a chance to view-very excellent.

Making bars of soap

This has been on my "want to do" list for quite some time. I even had purchased the lye and some of the ingredients a few years before retirement, and when hubby discovered I was going to make soap in the kitchen-he said No Way-has to be done outside. Soooo I brought the stuff with when we retired, and just didn't get to it. I threw out the lye, and I think I had to toss the scents out too cause they were leaking.

Anyways, I know some of you would like to do this too, or if you have done this already we all can use some tips, even a "teacher" among us. Here in Missouri, the weather is usually gorgeous first part of October.-Anyone interested in picking a weekend or a day in the middle of the week and do an "online soapmaking day"??

We would have each other for support and questions-I would have a blog for that day-and we can communicate thru the comments. Just an idea.

Enjoy your saturday!

photo found here this will be me-as I will cook over an open fire

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