Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Making Up an Assortment of Salads

Decided this morning to make up several salads. When it's this hot neither one of us feels like eating, Larry sleeps alot so then I don't cook a meal-not good.

Got a few fresh cucumbers and with a couple of my tomatoes that I have been able to pick, sliced those up into balsamic vinegar. Next up someone gaves us two dozen small eggs-problem was they got the fresh from hard boiled ones mixed up. After finding one hard boiled and three fresh-I decided to just boil them all easier that way-less stress.

So with fresh hard boiled eggs I made up a big bowl of potatoe salad, and kept about a dozen eggs to eat hard boiled in the frig-those are a good quickie protein on a hot day too.

Next up I have some tofu I haven't used up yet, bought when Larry went on his hunting trip, but came home early, so that needs to get used and Larry won't eat tofu-lol. So I am boiling up some rice macaroni, will dice up this firm tofu and throw in with it, maybe a little cheese I bought from the amish store, and toss it with some newmans dressings that need to get used up. With this extreme heat, fresh veggies are scarse here, so may look for some frozen veggies to throw in too.

I also made up a big fruit salad with nectarines, peaches, grapes, tossed it up with a bit of honey and poured a little left over pineapple juice I still have left over from canning and mixed it up, I think I will go out and grab a snip of chocolate mint that Deb sent me a cutting for last year, and throw that in with the fruit too..

I still need to cook the meat I took out last night but didn't fix, but I think we are good to go for a few days now.

This will give me a little creative time too, I want to finish up a card I am working on today.

Stay cool


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