Saturday, July 10, 2010

I've Been a Busy "Farmgirl" Today

I picked up my friend and we went early this morning to check on the plums. With the last month of extreme heat an no rain most of the fruit is very small, and some falling or drying off the limbs.
The yellow plums were ripe, and the others need a few more days.
After we picked the plums we were off to an alpaca fiber fest. I had been to this one about 5 years ago, when we had first moved down. Today was really different, this is held by the alpaca association, and instead of judging the animals and having vendors, they had the vendors and lots of classes.
When I went before the civic center was packed with people, today nobody, I felt bad for the vendors. The advertising was very very poor for this event. But we did enjoy ourselves, I picked up some small pieces for needle felting, and I also picked up a nice amount for playing-of alpaca-sooo soft. I chose mostly whites so I could play with natural dyes with these.
After lunch and errands, we were back home-to can our plums. I never did get dinner fixed-as hubby was asleep so just didn't wake him. lol we are back to the 90s again and humid again.
I got 9 pints of these delicious little yellow plums. We had also picked a few of the prune plums so hoping to dehydrate those, and we are hoping the pinkish red ones will ripen. More on the branches not ripe yet.
Off to find something to eat, and see if I can catch a little something on tv
Tomorrow I will be canning pints of fresh pineapple. These were so gorgeous, and large that I bought a few more today-so I have 5 of them. Will save one to eat fresh, and can the rest-I love pineapple.


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