Saturday, July 31, 2010

Experimenting in the Kitchen

This started out, I wanted some cookies in the house-but no eggs. So, I did that search on egg subsitutes and posted a link in my links-which has lots of ideas.

I knew about the flaxseed, as I used it in my vegetarian days, and I found some in the freezer-so made that up.

I had purchased a couple jars at the amish store of organic peanut butter, it's a real earthy peanut butter-so thought it would go well in cookies.

So then the hunt for a recipe-mine are all from growing up that just have too much sugar in them for us now-found this one: a simple good looking recipe, that I could experiment with the ingredients with too.

So I start with the first half of the recipe, and then decide to just put in the rest of the peanut butter that was left in the jar, cause I didn't want it sitting around. It was about a cup-so needing to double the recipe almost now. lol

So I add in some vanilla yogurt for another egg substitute, a little more oil-which I used instead of the butter, and then added spelt flour. I had about 3 cups left I wanted to use it up-put that all in there-and too oily, so I added my gluten free pizza mix flour as needed to absorb the too much oil.

Now the dough will stick together to form a ball, but doesn't really have the right texture for a cookie-so I got it--I put in one of those single servings of applesauce-another egg substitute and that did the trick-looks a little more like cookie dough now.

I also added in some sliced almonds for the crunch and dark chocolate chips.

So, now to see if this bakes up well-hope so-as I have a very big bowl full of

I told Larry was a good decision not to do rocks today-which I really wanted to do-but just didn't feel up to-as I can only wonder what would have developed there-giggling


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