Friday, July 16, 2010

Back from the Amish Area

Left early this morning with my neighbor, to pick up her rainer cherries at the amish store, and also to check out the peaches.

Worked out nice, as the peach man was just pulling in when we got there. I just needed a small bag this time for eating and to make up a batch of peach brandy. I also bought a huge homegrown muskmellon, and another black diamond yellow watermelon-those are sooo good. I also bought a dozen of fresh ears of corn for eating. Sandy needed a big box of peaches this time for canning.

Off to the amish store and our favorite amish lady with the big garden for homegrown veggies. I picked up a big bag of beets, little bag of new potatoes, fresh green beans, and some baby cabbages. Sandy picked up some fresh veggies too. I am thinking in the crock pot tonight putting in some thick slices of ham, the fresh green beans, and new potatoes for dinner tonight-easy and will keep the heat down in the kitchen.

At the store, I was hoping they would have the tub of no sugar gel or pectin for fillings and jams but they didn't have. But what I did find was an assortment of bottles of balsamic vinegars, organic red wine vinegars, and a fig, a blueberry, and a pomegrante balsamic vinegar. at .90 up to 1.59 a bottle of course I had to buy one of each. I also found red quinoa for .88 for a pound so bought a couple of those.

By the time we finished up, made one more stop-the temp. was back into the high 90s again. We never got our rain or cool down, so I am back to watering my veggies everyday, and pretty much just staying inside where the a/c is.

I am caught up right now on my canning, so can now catch up with laundry, cleaning house, and perhaps even back on the rock shower. I am hoping to run into some pickling cucumbers and canning tomatoes next.

We also saw an ad in the paper for a u pick blueberry farm. I wouldn't think those would still be availble, expecially in this no rain and heat wave we are having, but we may check that out monday, cause we need to find a location for next year especially, and Sandy doesn't have any more blueberries.

What are you all up to this weekend??


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