Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Marketplace on Multiply

Did you get the little note in your inbox about the new marketplace coming here?
Multiply is encouraging sellers to have a blog here for free and market your wares. Sounds like once it gets going with more people the tags will help us find stuff easier to buy or sell.
I decided to go ahead and open up a second blog just for selling. It will take me awhile to load everything, and so far nothing new that you haven't seen already-my hand dyes, the two baby quilts, lavender pillows, and such. I am hoping to do some natural dying on cottons for quilts this summer and early fall. Want to try dying with mimosa, black walnut, hickory, oak leaves for starters.
This new blog will be marked as my seller blog, they want us to get verified which is a good thing but too expensive for me right now to do that.
Here is a link http://kathyinozarksfibers.multiply.com/ and if you would like to connect so you can see things as I add them, go ahead and send me an invite. Right now setting up items as blogs, as the photo section is not working.
I set up the blogs as line items so if you hit blogs you will get a list of the titles of the blogs-easier to read that way.


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