Monday, June 28, 2010

A Lazy Day Again Here-Rocks and New Coffee Maker

I think this weather had gotton me down, still hot and humid today still, even though we didn't get the much needed rain. Allergies acting up too I think.
(The above photo I took a few days ago, I added about 12 rocks in this photo since the last one.)
I am working at a slow pace today, but am back on the rocks again, I think I had been a little afraid; getting closer to the faucet area-as I am quickly approaching it. I should have enough flat rocks though to go under them, so the faucet piece can sit on top-will look much nicer. Been worried about doing this area correctly-today I am still working below it.
I also had gotton "bored" in this one section I am working on, cause it is hard now to find the variety of rocks I need-I still have alot of rocks collected, and am just making do for this wall-has been way too hot here this month to go collecting. When I stand back from it-does look good though-lol So am fretting over this too much. This year is a must completion date-Next year January it will be 4 years-way too long-lol
I have also been doing a little cleaning. Larry picked up a commercial coffee maker for $20.00 the other day-very very dirty. Spent one morning and a gallon of vinegar to get it cleaned up-working and looking good now. I went online and contacted the company-they sent me an instruction manual online, and told me this model is no longer being made-its almost 10 years old. I also found the correct coffee pots to use with this online too-so there will be less splashing of the brewed coffee with the right pots. It does look good on the counter-I have alot of stainless steel in my kitchen and this being stainless-looks good. As soon as the new pots come I can toss those two that came with it-very very stained.
Since I am stuck having to drink decaf. coffee now, I can take over the Mister Coffee pot for me-lol
I better get back on my rocks-lunch break is over-lol


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