Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lavender Oil for Pain

I know it comes with age and over use of certain joints etc, so I have been doing more reading again on pain management, don't want to get into the habit of taking an asprin or tylenol to control pain.

My lower back I have under control pretty much thru being more careful and stretch exercises I learned a couple years ago from my physical therapist.

However, my bad knee is acting up again especially from things like gardening, as is my bad shoulder. I got "talked into" going back to the doctor and probably getting xrays to see if anything has changed or just mostly arthritis. Probably a good idea to see where I am at first-I last had xrays and mri's on my knee 6 years ago.

I am really opposed to having surgery to "cut out" arthritis, if I can control it another way. My appointment is at the end of the month so will see what my doctor suggests-maybe return to physical therapy.

In the meantime, I am researching oils for pain mangement, along with the help of Endlessi too. The other day I posted a link to her, where she gave many suggestions for joint pain.

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Lavender oil

Lavender oil has been popular since ancient times. Lavender oil was used extensively on the battlefield during both World Wars when medical supplies became scarce to prevent infection and as a pain reliever. Soldiers suffering from the pain of their wounds would be administered lavender oil to ease the pain and often to kill the bacteria in the wound. Lavender oil would be applied directly to the wound itself.

The oil has such a variety of practical uses and one area of special interest is the use of lavender oil for chronic pain patients who generally experience sleepless nights due to pain. The pain creates in the patient sleep deprivation which serves to aggravate the pain as well as lowering the body's ability to fend off other infections and disease processes. When rehabilitation is started the patient is often tired and irritable due to the loss of sleep and the pain cycle is exacerbated.

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Lavender oil relieves pain when used for rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago and muscular aches and pains, especially those associated with sport

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Herbal Allies for Pain Relief
Some of my favorite pain relieving herbal allies include skullcap, cannabis, valerian, turmeric, poppy, willow bark, St. John's wort, angelica, motherwort, black cohosh, wild yam, lavender, cayenne, kava kava, and rose. Essential oils of pine, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, rose, clove, frankincense, rosemary, ginger, juniper, and birch also are used traditionally as pain relievers and are well-documented analgesic agents. Put 10-12 drops of any one of these essential oils in one ounce of a carrier oil such as olive or coconut. Shake well and then rub into painful, swollen joints to allay pain and inflammation.

this comes from an excellent article I found here-recipes towards end of article

this article had a link to a tincture page has any one purchased from them?

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