Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home Again-Always so Good to be Home Again

Thanks to my dear friend here, I have been able to visit my Mom, and not take the Greyhound bus. I never minded the bus too much, ( right-lol) but a couple years ago they changed the routes and times of the bus so that they were more crowded and the worse was--I had a 3 am in the morning wait in chicago til 8 am to get the last connection home-and then someone needed to pick me up-about an hour away from my final destintation-so not a fun trip any more-and much longer too. Also couldn't bring much stuff back either. a definate bummer
Mom loved the quilting on the top she made for me, and one day all three of us got the binding on-so that was a memorable moment for me.
My Mom lives in Amish country, so I take in the simple moments of living amongst them again for a week. The clippity clop sounds of the horse and buggy and waving to them while enjoying moments sitting on the porch. When living here in the woods now of Missouri, I forget til I am there again, being amongst the acres and acres of corn and soy beans, along with all the farms with their veggie gardens and such. A very peaceful place.
This is also qulting country with quilt shops everywhere. We visited a few different shoppes, visited favorite ones again, participated in Mom's quilt club one day, and ate at my favorite restaurant Essenhaus-all homemade country foods.
Mom's strawberries were ripe so we enjoyed those and got more put up in the freezer for her, we also picked two kinds of cherries from her trees and got those in the freezer too for her.
A good trip, and we were blessed with cooler weather while in Indiana, we left Missouri in the 90s and returned to Missouri with high humidity and 90s. Lots of mowing again to do this coming week, and will need to get my little garden back in order. Looks like a full week ahead of t storms and more flooding in the area.
Always sooo good to be home again


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