Thursday, June 3, 2010

Herbs Lavender Essential Oil

Pics of Dried lavender herb and essential aromatherapy oil

photo found here

I wanted to share this health tip using lavender essential oil-cause it works-and is one of the primary reasons I keep it on hand at all times. (I am an accident waiting to happen-lol)

If you should burn yourself, go fetch your bottle of lavender essential oil and put several drops right on the burn. It will burn like crazy for about a minute-and then all of a sudden the pain is gone. Within an hour or so, the redness is gone, and the burn has been sealed, within a day or so-it is healed-amazing to me.

Over the weekend when I was baking and grilling on the Webers, for some odd reason I was arranging the hot coals and one was not cooperating-so I just instinctively took my finger to move the coal over-Ouch!!! Instant pain, why did I just do that?, and my finger swelled up was red, and had a big white patch on the tip of it. So I grabbed my essential oil-doused it good, waiting til the pain stopped, and put a couple more drops of the lavender oil directly on it. I went back to preparing the meal, and by meals end-I was washing the dishes-forgetting about my finger-and no pain.

I always wondered if very serious burn patients could benefit from the use of lavender essential oil.

I found this site too for more uses Health benefits of Lavender Essential OIl

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