Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Given Free Pie Cherries for the PIcking

Yesterday when I was out mowing grass, an elderly friend from town here, stopped by to say we could have all the cherries we wanted off of his pie cherry tree-just had to pick them.

He offered these a couple years back, and we were able to pick enough for a couple pies, so this time I figured the same and only brought along two containers to fill-just in case. When we got there-early around 6am- the whole tree was loaded. Soooo what a treat, this is just half of them-the other half is in the frig. I think this will take me most of the day-lol-feeling the pains already---

However, my friend Sandy is such a good neighbor she is coming over to help me finish them up.

Later-there just could be a couple cherry pies in the making tomorrow-lol-one for us, and one for the friend that gave us all these cherries

Back to work Kathy


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