Saturday, June 19, 2010

Early Storms and Green Beans

After a long day yesterday I was ready for a good night's sleep. However, our Nikita woke me up a 1 am to go out, and then again at 4 am to tell me storms were coming in

I heard the loud wind, so turned off all the electronics, but my 4:30 am the t storms came in, and Nikita doesn't like storms so figured I might as well just get up and blanch and freeze my green beans. We really got a cool down this morning which is wonderful, and thanks to mother nature my veggies and flowers got a good watering. This weekend promises to be extreme heat and very high heat indexes.

I had my beans all cleaned and ready to blanch last night.

My method of blanching probably the last 15 years now or so, is steam blanching. I happened to run across a chart online for blanching veggies and it included steam blanching times.

I love this method cause you are not dealing with fishing the veggies out of the boiling water, and keeps you and your kitchen much cooler in the process. Larry had this big chinese steamer when we met (30 years ago) and it is just perfect for this. When we moved down here, I found a mini match to this one at a garage sale-love that one for small batches or for steaming for meals.

Took me about 2 hours total to blanch, cool down, and package up and put in the freezer. Another thing I am doing now is, after putting the veggies or fruits in these little freezer bags (I hope I can still find these, this is the last of my boxes of these little bags that were meant to go into those little waxed cardboard freezer boxes-remember those??) I put 2 and 4 of these in those quart or gallon bags that you use a little pump to get the air out. I like this method cause you can reuse the more expensive bags as they don't get dirty with the foods. and it really does keep the freezer burn away from you foods-that you took the time to "put up"

Hoping to get a cake made this morning for our berries, and then paper work-pay bills on line today.

Enjoy your weekend. Happy Fathers Day to all you fathers


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