Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art Sunday Deborah Kay Butterfield an American Sculptor

Not knowing who I wanted to feature for todays artist-I did a search on artists born the same year I was; 1949.

I found Deborah Butterfield an American sculptor

Her main subject matter is the horse.

Deborah Kay Butterfield is an American sculptor. She was born in San Diego, California on 7 May, 1949, and divides her time between a ranch in Bozeman, Mt and studio space in Hawaii. She is known for her sculptures of horses made from found objects, like metal, and especially pieces of wood.

photos from here there are pages of photos of her works

Here is an artist profile-lots of photos here as well, scroll right for more photos

Here is an extensive biography and listing of her credits and exhibitions

I had to delete all the photos due to javascript


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