Thursday, May 13, 2010

T Storms and Lemons

Well early this morning again, big big T storms and hard rains moved thru, but stayed til about 9 am, so got lots of rain to fill up the wells and streams.
I had some lemons that needed to be worked up, so I decided to start a batch of limoncello
It went much easier with my zester that I had forgotton I purchased just before retirement. My own lavender is not blooming yet, so I used a tablespoon of the dried organic lavender buds I just purchased. The lavender really adds to the depth of this drink. I haven't seen any of the key limes in the store lately, so I bought 2 limes, I needed one more so I zested up an orange to go in the mix.
So what do I do with 12 zested citrus? I squeezed up a fresh pitcher of lemonade and sweetened it with agave and stevia. I used all but 4 so can add those in later.
I also worked up a big gluten free flour mix, but I messed up the recipe, so won't share til I bake up a batch of something with it. Endlessi has been experimenting with baking gluten free with Bob's Red Mills pizza mix, and also to stretch that out a bit adding in another rice flour-tapioca-potato starch recipe to the pizza mix. So, am anxious to try this out soon and will report my results along with the recipes-and mine that I had to fix with Endlessi's help-lol
Looks like the sun is trying to shine now, so will probably be hot and humid again today. May get back on the rocks again today since the storms have passed for now.


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