Saturday, May 29, 2010

Progress Being Made:Rock Shower, Vintage Baby Quilt

My photos are not in the order I wanted them, but thats ok-lol

Doing lots of different things today, worked on getting a couple big tubs set up for my tomatoes and pepper plants, need to a couple more tomorrow morning.

And I wanted to share this really wonderful vintage quilt. When my paternal grandma passed years ago-when my parents helped go thru in apartment-they found this quilt top with my name on it. It is all hand embroidery nursery rhyme blocks, and was finished the year I was born, but was never finished. A great aunt made this for me, so I need to get researching on this and find out who made this for me, so I can put her name on the label.

When I started thinking of putting this together to hand quilt, alot of people said the thing to do -is not to finish it, cause it takes away the value, however to keep the top in better condition, to enjoy it especially since this was made for me, I really wanted to hand quilt this.

A couple years ago when I was first learning how to quilt (probably 5 years ago now), my Moms cousin Charlotte taught me how to layer the quilt layers, and how to hand quilt. She always quilted in a big hoop, and I was not comfortable with that method, so put it away. I got to thinking yesterday, my big frame needs a quilt on it-lol-and I need to see if I can hand quilt in floor frame.

I can!! and I love it, the problem with the other quilt I was wanting to hand quilt-is definately the batting problem-so I feel good, that yes I really do know how to hand quilt-lol

and this afternoon, I put up alot more rocks--getting closer to the hot and cold faucets now too-Yeh!! I will post a few more closeups in my photo album later.


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