Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just a Little Doings

Not a whole alot going on here, except for hot and humidity, hopefully today is the last chance of rains and storms, and we are to have a gorgeous weekend. Less humidity would be awesome, as we are holding off turning on the a/c as long as possible-we just can't afford the higher electric bills right now

Catching up on the last of the laundry, picking up the house a bit, and stuff, and probably mow more grass tomorrow-a long time friend -Larrys "Bro" will be coming down for the long weekend.

I decided I would beat the rush at the grocery store yesterday-got there-and wow!! the parking lots were full to capacity both at Lowes and Wal Mart. (we don't have a nice grocery store here in town so I am forced to mostly buy from wal mart)

I got a bunch more top soil, peat moss, and mushroom manure to mix all together-as we acquired some big plastic pots (these are awesome-I guess the cattle ranchers here get minerals in these-), and I have some tomatoes and peppers I grew from seed that need to get into pots-I lost the lables so they are all mixed up-planted a few heirloom tomatoes and a couple different kinds of the mini pears and round tomatoes-so will just "wing" it lol

Would also love to plant some more pole beans, and summer squash too, if I have enough soil, and this week I have been harvesting some gorgeous broccoli heads-I had bought a 6 pak of broccoli plants early spring-and with all the rains and cooler weather we had-they growing fantastic. I am also harvesting a nice handful of pea pods every day too. I need to replant some more lettuce mix too.

I really had a taste for good coffee this morning, so I got out my old pyrex perculator and brewed me some decaf coffee-fabulous flavor! I always forget how much more mellow the coffee is, brewed this way. I use very cold water, add a scoop for each cup of coffee, and bring to a gentle boil-and perk for 5 minutes.

I am glad I decided against buying another mister coffee pot. wal mart had a nice basic mister coffee pot for 15.00-ours had just died and since we never use all the programable stuff anyways-I was looking for just the very basics. I picked up a black one, they also had them in white-which I thought I would use for my decaf-but for now I think I will go with my perculator.

What are you all doing for the holiday??

Not sure what I will grill or cook up this weekend-will just go with the flow-lol


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