Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's a Foggy Sunday-and photos of quilt

Good morning Sunday-and welcoming in a brand new week.

Very foggy here this morning and cold too in the 50s, but we have another day and night promised of rains and t storms--again. I think this should be the last of it finally, and we will have sunshine by mid week.

I forgot when I was out shopping last friday to pick up a cat collar with bell for Autumn-to warn the birds, and I want to give him a dose of wormer as well. So that is a definate this week. I was getting so frustrated with him yesterday that I took all the seed feeders down, and just left the nectar and the oranges. The thrush are out and about every day now-and I just don't want them or the other birds to be lunch for Autumn.

I am back in the kitchen to bake my graham crackers, and maybe some chocolate chip cookies too-will also put a little heat in the house, last night we needed to make a fire in the wood stove in the bedroom-it has gotton so cool and damp.

I also received a phone call from the long arm quilter-and my quilt is in the mail, and she sent me photos too.

Here is Vivian's blog on the right she has her link to flicker with lots of photos of her work. I have been admiring her work for about 2 years now-and am thrilled over Moms quilt.

This was the quilt that my mom made for me with the money I had sent her as a gift on her 80th birthday-instead she made me this gorgeous quilt-Moms


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