Friday, May 21, 2010

Good Morning Friday

I am hoping for sure this time that the heavy rains and storms have finally moved on out of here-we have had rain every day and most nights now for over a week.
The ground here just can not absorb any more rain now as water is sitting everywhere.
The other day I stumbled upon the last day of a giant blog giveaway for handmade and supply items-sooo much fun. I haven't won anything, but I learned about new blogs that will be good reading material I want to thank Sew Mama Sew for sponsoring this event. here is a link
This morning I am making yellow angel food cakes, it is my grandmas recipe and one of our most favorites. We have been blessed with neighbors giving us fresh farm eggs that I decided to make a cake (gluten free) for us, and one to give away to one of those giving us the eggs.
Don't forget to feed my fish before you leave, I found this gadget when I was entering giveaways-and just love it. Later


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