Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Recipe of Crackers Finished-gluten free

This project took much longer than I expected, as the last batch will come out of the oven around 4:45pm, and I had planned on getting both recipes finished today-oh well.

I made the plain ones with olive oil and rosemary first-and I am very happy with them, great flavor and taste like crackers too. I did them on the stone 10 minutes on one side-flipped them over and the other side needed about 8 ,minutes. You do want them to just start browning to give them that cracker "snap" otherwise underbaked a tad-a little tough. Between all the rolling out and the 20 minutes baking time per batch it took all afternoon. Oh well, tomorrow morning I will bake up the grahams and then try my gluten free mix on some cookies.

Oh and the long arm quilter Vivian Love out of California called me and said my quilt was finish-it's gorgeous, and will be in the mail today priority. So, should receive it tuesday or wednesday. I am sooo excited to see this, I love her work. She asked me if I would like to see a photo-yes yes-so if she sends me one I will post it


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