Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Few Photos Around the House

This is the second year for my chamomile and it is doing wonderfully with all the rains we've had. I have been picking a big handful of flowers to dry for tea each day now.

This is my new bird feeding area. I used to have a large sumac here, that I loved hanging the feeders on, and the birds loved the sumac when it was ripe too, but the second ice storm finished it off so we had to remove it. The tree stump was here when we moved in. Larry was going to remove it, and I said it's perfect for a feeding area. The grooves keep getting deeper-so I fill them up with seed, and the woodpeckers love it.

That row in front of the pine trees is such a dissaster now too. It was loaded with all kinds of perennials, lilys and such-but I lost all but the daffodils to a late hard freeze a couple of years ago. It was always so pretty there. I have alot of ground cover in there I planted-but there is also lots of poison ivy and oak in there too that is taking over-so hard to weed. I have a few other plants in there I don't want to kill off, but I may have to do that and start over.

These are still my most favorite blooms here, they were already here when we moved. They can take over your whole place if you don't keep them in check, but I love them. The hummingbirds and butterflys visit them too

This one I was so pleased to see that it wintered over ok, It is an iris that blooms near water, forgot the name of it, we planted it near the pond up near the house, I hope it spreads-very beautiful at the end of the pond.


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