Thursday, May 20, 2010


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A few weeks ago, when I wasn't feeling good I took my blood pressure at home, and the top number was really high for me. I am always in the 120s sometimes 130s and it was 165. I was really alarmed by this, so I started keeping track of the numbers to show the doctor today. (our 6 month check up)

During this time I also started eliminating things I thought might cause it, tylenol, allergy meds, and then after a couple weeks it dawned on me-could it be the caffeine in coffee? I love good quality coffees and usually have a couple cups in the morning, and maybe one or two more cups thru out the day.

So, I just stopped the coffee with caffeine, and drank decaf coffee or decaf teas, after a week my numbers began to drop back to more normal. Yesterday morning I decided to take my bp, and then drink a cup of coffee with caffeine and then retake my bp thirtys minutes later-per an article I read online. Within that 30 minutes my bp had jumped to 155, and did not come back down to normal again til tonight.

When I was at the doctors early this morning my bp was 145 and the nurse says this is high, I told her what was going on with me.

This is really unreal to me, for this to occur so fast, I asked the doctor if this was normal and he said yes it does happen this way in alot of people. The nurse looked at me and said it comes down to eliminate caffeine or go on blood pressure pills to keep it down.

I am bumbed about this, I need to see the numbers on foods and beverages for caffeine content-I am thinking the good quality chocolates have caffeine too. These higher numbers for me must be really too high for me, as I am very spacey and light headed when this occurs. Craziness.

I am only writing this to alert others that had no idea either that caffeine could do this.

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