Monday, May 17, 2010

Baking up Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies This Morning

Yesterday I mixed up a batch of tollhouse chocolate cookies-following an original recipe, but changing the butter to olive oil, cutting back on the sugar by half and replacing it with organic sugar and agave and splenda, and using my gluten free baking mix (posted in my recipe file now) I used ghiralldi dark chocolate chips and sliced almonds., and I also added two tablespoons of very dark cocoa I bought from the amish store. I also added a bit of almond extract in along with my homemade vanilla extract.

I have discovered that these gluten free bakery goods bake up better if you let the dough sit in the refrigerator overnight. a Hard thing for me to do sometimes lol

They came out very delicious, because I cut back on the sugar quantity by half these are like little cakes instead of crunchy cookies-which I like better any ways-very very moist-a winner!

If you are not familiar with working with a totally gluten free flour mix, the dough gets really wierd-at least to me anyway-it comes together like a glue almost real fast. So when I use the mixer I use that thru about half the amount of flour, and then stir in the rest by hand.

Only thing else that concerns me, is all the ingredients in a gluten free mix are really high in carbohydrates-they are all whole grain, but I am wondering how they compare to a whole wheat pastry bakery product? I am figuring with brown rice flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, sorgham-those sound like alot of carbs, I know the sorgham is also high in proteins, and the brown rice flour is less carbs than the white rice flour.-I need to look into that, but then these are treats anyways, so will freeze so I don't eat too many in one day---giggling

Good morning Monday-still gloomy, cloudy, rainy here-a week is enough of rain-I am definately sick of it now


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