Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Autumn (my kitty) and I are Doing Battle this Week

Have you ever tried to train your cat not to kill and eat birds at the bird feeder station?

I totally understand that this is what cats do, they are hunters, they enjoy the hunt, they do eat what they have hunted, at least Autumn does.

However, my Autumn seems to me-obsessed by this, every day he is there waiting on an Innocent bird. Sometimes off and on all day.

I started tapping hard on the window, telling him No, and then I dowse him with a pitcher of water. Pick him up, tell him No again, and escort him away from the feeders.

Too funny actually, this morning it took 6 times in a row for him to get the message. I was cleaning and filling the feeders, and of course he follows me there, eats the ground birds food-etc. He finally gave up and slept in his normal spot near the front gate.

Now, he is out there again. I just dowsed him with another pitcher of water-told him No, and within the hour he is back.

The plan was that he would hear and see him tapping on the window-and leave knowing he would get the water treatment-so far not happening. lol


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