Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yeh!! Lots of Sunshine Today

We finally got sunshine along with warmer temps too-I think we made it to the 70s today

So, after blowing the morning in town, when I got back I mowed lots of grass, always looks so nice when cut doesn't it? I still have alot more spaces to cut, but around the house is done.

Just heard back from the long arm quilter I commissioned to quilt my quilt that my Mom made for me on her 80th birthday. I have been excited about taking the splurge in money to do this, I think this will be Mom's last full size quilt that she makes so even more special to me.

I picked up a couple more nice herb plants, and also one for butterflys and another that the hummingbirds will like. I also have some seeds I want to plant around the bird feeders-will finish that up tomorrow.

We will be back to several days of rains again after tomorrow, so trying to catch up on some outside stuff.

May not be on the computer as much as I usually am, this week-as I am needing to get some projects finished or started.

What have you all been doing lately??


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