Saturday, April 17, 2010

What an Awesome Day Today

Above is the beautiful thyme I picked up; golden lemon

this one below, had a really long name or dracena margiana/ruby dragon something (can't remember now) It was in the grasses so hope it is not really a tree like it also said on the label

above is king tut grass

I always like to grow a sage and this one was really pretty. Their herbs were mostly $1.49- and nice size for the money. Better than the almost 4.00 I have to pay at lowes and walmart with little choices.

Today was my kind of day-weatherwise. In the 60s, slight breeze, sunshine, just perfect for working outdoors.

I went with my friend early (7 am) to a plant sale. She always goes to this and picks up her hanging baskets. Gorgeous baskets from 4.00 to 12.00, and the 12.00 baskets were comparable to the 20 and up dollar ones you see around.

I don't have a spot yet for those, and I am cheap-lol-I mix up my own potting soil-top soil-mushroom manure or my compost, and peatmoss, and use that to help out this clay soil here. I bought some lovely herbs; orange mint, a golden lemon thyme-very pretty and I found a big plant, french thyme, and a real pretty varigated sage they called yellow sage I think. I also had picked up sweet marjoram and another lavender plant the other day.

For flowers I bought saliva for the humingbirds, and different petunias also for the humingbirds. These will go in my clay pots that go in the ferris wheel at the corner of the house-still too soon to put my clay pots out.

I also was very happy to find two grasses at 4.00 each which I think is a good price. One was called king tut and the other one was a very pretty varigated one. I think it is like the one I collected seed from at a business last fall.

I got everything planted except the flowers. Oh, and they had no heirloom tomatoes but I did find a little four pack of roma paste tomatoes.

I worked steady from around 10 or earlier this morning til a little after 3-I also needed to rake lots and lots and lots of thick oak leaves out of the planting area-in front of the fence that Nikita is in. Got it all wheel barreled off to the compost pile

Our friend ended up not coming down, a bummer for Larry-but he may make it next weekend.

I really wanted to go out in the woods today, but I am pooped-lol-Got an organic chicken in the crock pot so supper will be easy. Bummer we did not get the rain last night we really need, so I will be out watering this week.


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