Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Day---

After all the high winds we have had this past week, last night lots of rains and a few t storms hit

This morning just gorgeous! and it has cooled down to more normal spring temps now-and will thru the week-I love it. and the sunshine is out as well.

We have 5 long time friends coming down next weekend-sooo that means I better get busy cleaning and cleaning and rearranging here-lol-We don't have any spare bedrooms so we will be having people sleeping all over the place I think. It will be a wonderful visit. We usually see the guys in November for deer hunting, but this time the gals are coming along, and one of the couple's daughter.

While the guys are making hunting blinds and catching up, I think us gals will be hitting the shops. There is a mall near here-Lake in the Ozarks-where alot of tourists always visit, so we will probably check that out first. and of course one of our friends loves chocolate, so we will be hitting the candy factory too.

I am still coughing too much, but I am thinking it all got worked up again when I was out in the garden during all that wind. However, I did also get a little bundle of red onions planted before the rains, and I got the blueberries fertilized too before the rains came.

These poor bushes have been hit with two ice storms, and a couple very late spring freezes after in bloom-so they have been really set back-new growth is starting though again this spring, so hope I can get them to take off well this year. Would love to be able to have my own blueberries.

The blueberry patch near here where we always pick our berries, has changed hands again and I think the new owners prefer selling wholesale instead, of u pick, so we may have to search out another blueberry patch this year.

I have already cut up some more wool for my rug hooking project this morning, but I need to get busy and start cleaning up the kitchen. I want to also make up Larry's favorite; cheesecake, this afternoon for tomorrow's dinner.

I bought some Smithfield's center cut ham steaks at Sams last time we were there, so I think I will take out one of those for tomorrow and serve with fresh steamed asparagus, baked sweet potatoes, fresh cranberries with blueberries, and lettuce salad-sprinkled with edible flowers growing now-violets and redbuds

Catch ya all later-enjoy your weekend!!


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