Thursday, April 8, 2010

A little "Doings"

I have been cleaning and scrubbing floors all week now in preperation for our friends from Wisconsin that will be in tomorrow late afternoon.

Good way to get my house "spring cleaned" I have one more floor to do, but will do that tomorrow-need a break from sitting on the floor and scrubbing-lol

Our neighbor here just popped over to show us some more mushroom spots. We each gathered enough of the false morels for dinner tonight. Still too soon for the morels and tonight we are getting that freeze; so the ground will need to warm back up again for the morels. He is guessing around the 11th or later we can start looking for those. After the frost we will be back to gorgeous weather again. Perfect for our visitors.

Also I asked our neighbor if he knew if our woods had wild blueberries-oh yes, he says but we call them huckleberries, and he showed a few bushes and where to find them-so very excited about that. He also taught us the shelf mushrooms today.

I am thinking of making several home made pizzas for tomorrow night when our friends arrive, and then saturday and sunday we will be grilling outside-as long as these high winds die down.

I won't be around much now til late tuesday; I have a few things to finish up-like laundry, and some last minute cleaning.

Have a great weekend all.

Oh and found a photo of the beefsteak or false morels here in Missouri everyone loves these, even though in some areas of the world they are considered poisonous. They are delicious and am happy I can eat them.

Gyromitra esculenta


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