Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Hump Day-Happy Wednesday

HPIM2947.jpg redbud outside bedroom window picture by kathyinozarks

Another gorgeous day here, we are both moving slow this morning-lol My walk yesterday in the woods was alot of up and down hills and hollars-so I am really feeling it now-but it was worth it.

I am thinking I will wash up all the towels and a few things and hang out on the line-take advantage of the sunshine today-as we have a little cold front with rain moving in by friday and saturday. We can really use the rains again.

We have another friend coming down over the weekend, will be much more low keyed. Larry and this friend are planning a hunting trip to the Dakotas this summer. This will be good for the both of them to get away as they have not gone on one of these for probably 20 years now.

Even though we are "retired" from our jobs we still have soooo much to get finished here-that Larry gets himself too overwhelmed-and won't take the time to enjoy life. I keep working on him to do that-cause before you know it-you can't do the things you love do to health issues-and Larry has so many of those. Well enough of all that stuff-

Enjoy your Wednesday


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