Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Sunday

Brrrr it's pretty chilly this morning-in the upper 30s. I covered a few of my plants just in case we got down to a light frost.

I plan on mixing up some more soil and planting flowers and flower seed at the base of our bird feeders. Will be prettier there and also the humingbirds will love some of the flowers. The deer don't usually come up close to the house this time of year-so they should be safe-lol

I also need to drag out the hoses as we are extremely dry-need to water the onions I planted and the shallots I transplanted-also need to water the blueberry bushes since they are in bloom.

Larry is still feeling down after last weekend-he worked out in the hot sun way too long with the guys-so he has been sleeping alot-he missed supper last night. He also seems a little depressed too, so yesterday when we were in town I bought a package of his favortie Eats-baby back ribs-will fix those to be ready around 3 this afternoon, I also need to get the smoker fired up as I have venison that has been in a marinade for over a week now. I didn't realize either of the women (that came down last weekend) won't eat game-(craziness I know), so will get that prepared and I can always freeze some of it.

I have come up with an excellent marinade-if anyone would like my recipe let me know-can't remember if I shared that already or not, will check my tags later on.

Today is also art sunday here on multiply-visit my last post-our host for this event is Nemo-some weeks we have many different blogs to visit. I really enjoy this with my early morning coffee.

Enjoy your Sunday


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