Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Morning

Gorgeous here in the ozarks still, we are getting a little warmer every day, and the high winds are gone too.

Soooo perfect for the guys to build blinds, and work on the wildlife food plots, and perfect for us girls-shopping!!

I got re-introduced to the "city" and the "working girl on vacation" mode-lol One of the ladies is in her mid 20's she is a chemist, a scuba diver, outdoors girl, but also a trendy gal as well. I never heard of Coach purses before-she collects them-so one of the first stores we stopped in at the factory outlet mall was Coach-now I would never pay $350.00 for a trendy purse, or on sale for around $100.00; -but the store was fun to browse in-beautiful spring colors everywhere-and lots of leather-love that.

My favorite purse there was a tote, which my friend ended up purchasing.

HPIM2956.jpg picture by kathyinozarks

So for the past two days I "tagged" along-as we shopped til we dropped-hehe.

One couple went back home this morning, and the other couple is able to spend one more day here. Has been a nice visit, good eats and drinks with friends.


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