Monday, April 19, 2010

Entertainment in my Backyard

I am so enjoying all the birds tonight, and we have a brand new pair of birds I have never seen here before.

Right now til we get it moved to the back room, our computer and desk sits in the living room but right next to the big bay window. Outside I have a bird feeding area, in the back is a row of very tall pines, and just to the left of that are two wild rose bushes.

I know in the winter those rose buses serve as protection for alot of little birds, but now we have a pair building a nest deep inside this big rose bush. We are thinking it is a thrush-a gorgeous bronze-brown color, flat tail, and hops around too-lol I first saw the male last night when I was talking on the phone, and tonight I have seen the pair-still building their nest.---so fun!!

I also got my first humingbird this morning. I had just filled all the seed feeders, was working on the computer and saw a little male ruby throat-checking out all the feeders-nope no nectar. So I quick made up one feeder and had to use my organic sugar cause I don't keep the white stuff around any more, except for the hummers. Tonight he was back, a couple times enjoying his nectar. He must enjoy the fact that he has the feeder all to himself right now-as I haven't seen any more.

I also heard the familiar sound-tap tap tap on my patio door window-yep it was Mr. Cardinal!! I don't know if it is the same male-but it has been several years in row now for this visitor.

I so enjoy these simple pleasures of nature.

I also took a long walk in the woods again, in the same area as before. I found the big patch of bloodroot again, the wild blackberries, wild huckleberries, the one wild gooseberry, but still couldn't spot the goldenseal-will have to wait for my teacher to point that out for me again. I also found a few more rocks for my shower project-getting harder to find what I need now.

After all the work I did yesterday hauling downed branches into piles-I think I was more tired than I realized, cause when I climbed up the tall ravine-I was really tired-lol-

I am off to play with my hooking project-it 's coming along really nice.

Have a good night my friends


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